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byrustle, September 27, 2012
VirtueMart Dashboard
Honestly Virtuemart requires this component to be a complete e commerce platform
From one screen a company owner has access to so many relevant statistics - its great

Also they can see, and be linked to the latest orders and shoppers which is a total bonus 8)

Beyond that i had a bunch of customization requests and the tech staff sorted out for mew on their own in a very fast and efficient manner

10 outta 10
definite buy 8)
byrustle, March 19, 2012
VMUpload - virtuemart upload component
Kevin is amazing when it comes to helping his clients
he has been very patient with me and helped with re-install numerous times as Virtue Mart 2.0xxxx continued to require core upgrades.

This component is definitely worth the money.
byrustle, March 3, 2012
All in all VM 2.0.2 is an excellent component and I am sure it will remain a standard e-commerce solution for Joomla 1.7 and beyond

This software has a lot of depth and a very bright future.

where they are lacking is with assisting their users in development.
there is a tendency to be condescending and unhelpful from the Mod staff (not Milbo)when people are asking for support issues.
I have put in appx 2+ months now and it is finally getting where it ought to have been before the release.
There has been many late nights of trying to decode convoluted and cryptic responses from the support staff.

That said I don't mind helping the test develop this amazing piece of software.

They just have to remember that we can't read their minds.

Hopefully this message gets across to all Joomla developers: Please be articulate when giving support as it makes it easier for all involved.
byrustle, March 3, 2012
HOT Joomla Carousel Pro
I must say I am impressed with the ease of use & set up

excellent module all around, as well as very configurable.

You can make this module do way more than it originally appears.

Also I encountered a few bugs, but the moderator staff helped me solve it quickly.

the only criticism I would give the 'hot' folks is that they should rename the product as it is not a 'true' carousel, as the module scrolls from left-to-right-and back again, as opposed to continuous looping as the name would imply
byrustle, October 1, 2010
This piece is worth the cost - Hands Down!
Not only does it work out of the box but it is highly customizable and has many layers of potential functionality.

Better yet, the design team spared no details when attending to my customization questions! _ truly 5 out of 5