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This is really a neat piece of software, making the use of Mandrill Email HTML templates much easier!

And the fall back feature (= use the default Joomla email settings if Mandrill cannot send the email) is so helpfull, compare to using the Mandrill SMTP directly in the Joomla settings.

Thanks CompoJoom! Keep on the good work!
When you need to include a script, simple or complex, made by another developer, and do not need to integrate it as a joomla extension, it works great!

I used it a couple of times already for a meta search script, Combined (HTML, JavaScript and PHP), and I had no issue with sourcerer. Documentation is well done, forum is always at hand, and Peter is always helpful!

And if you need more options, just go for the PRO version ;-)
This is exactly what I call a useful Joomla! community extension. It encourages Joomla! users to become developers for the community as well, and to fork, code and contribute to the Joomla! extensions and the core CMS itself.

I must have for any Joomla! developer, especially for "not full-time" developers!

I am looking forward to seeing more tools and checks to help following good coding practises. Keep on the good work guys!
ACL Manager
A must have on a large users base, it is just a time saver. And it actually helps a lot to get into advanced ACL settings.

Plus Sander is fast and available for any support question: I've got a fix in 29 minutes!!!
byrvbgnu, January 21, 2010
Cache Cleaner
This extensions worked very well in 90% of the situation, before version 1. And now is 99%. Just very useful! Thanks for that!