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byryanjustin1, November 13, 2009
JS Jobs
I bought this product over a week ago now and believed it would be easy to install and change to my own requirments. This is not the case!

When I installed it and wanted to change the homepage text, I couldn't. You are left with their standard text that can not be changed without serious work.

Then, there's the currency setting. It is set to $ and I couldn't figure out how to change this either. Resume needed to be changed to CV (as i live in the UK).

Also, when the jobseeker applies for a specific job and attaches their cv it isn't delivered by email to the employer.

Every time I contact the support forum to get help, I am given information and steps to follow which are much too difficult to understand. When you disagree with the administrator they warn you to stop cursing (WHICH I DID NOT) and close your help request.

I've had to employ a developer to help with this extension which costed me another $160...

I wish someone would have told me this before buying... I would not buy this product... be warned!