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bys.jensen, April 5, 2014
Apart from payplans is an outstanding piece of software, we had to get a lot of custom work done, so it would fit our needs...
After planning the special apps we needed, two superb programmers (thanks Garima and Rimjhim), went through fire to complete the task - And they did.
Even after testing the custom work, we needed a few changes, this was done ON A SUNDAY....
So what can I say other than you are in GOOD hands, when you are in the need of something EXTRA, for your payment software - PAYPLANS is the way to go.
And you dont just get the software, but a line of PRO programmers to back you up

Thank you
Steen jensen

PS. see you soon for another special app we need....
Owner's reply

Hello Jensen,

We are extremely glad to assist you in your project.

It was a challenge for us that we accepted and we appreciate your trust in us.

Thank You very very much for commending our efforts and PayPlans

Team Ready Bytes.