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My review is based on my 6 month long experiences with DOCman 2 Alpha and Beta. I did not test the DOCman 1 software.
I am using DOCman 2 since the alpha for an internal company document sharing platform. I have to say that even for an alpha version, the software was rockstable. Since the release of the first alpha of DOCman 2, it made a very progress and looking at my DOCman 2 Beta 3 installation on my production site makes me smile. It just works. Some may say it is still a beta, and they are right. But what Joomlatools did with the DOCman 2 Beta is breathtaking in the Joomla world. You can feel what the developers are heading for. On the negative side, there are still a lot of core features missing. But DOCman 2 has the potential to set a new standard. Setting up and using the software, it feels a bit like a raw diamond – a lot potential.
On the technical side, even for beta software it is pretty flawless. The installation was super smooth. The updates come fast. New features are added almost monthly.
The best thing about DOCman 2 is by far the support. As a customer I never felt left alone. Support tickets are usually answered within 24hrs (by E-Mail and/or developers forum). The quality of the support definitely sets a new standard and is worth much more than the annual fee for the software. Another thing I experienced as a customer during the development of DOCman 2 is that the Joomlatools team is very open to user suggestions.
tl;dr: Joomlatools DOCman 2 Beta works very well, offers a lot of features, is easy to use and offers a new quality level of support. Kudos to Johan Janssens and his team for creating this wonderful piece of Joomla extension.