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bys1m0n, March 19, 2014
Web Site Tour Builder
This module is amazing! It is exactly what I looked for to help our visitors to notice all changes and to accept the. It looks beautiful and easy to handle.

Our Template is very custom and so we needed some help. I was surprised about the quick replys. The support is friendly and patient. I´d even say he could get more money for this excellent combination of module and support(time).

bys1m0n, April 12, 2013
I can´t really compare Hikashop to other components but I feel like I don´t have to. Here my experience:

I bought ans installed Hikashop. At the first moment I was confused about all the options (backend). It seemed complicated and my first steps without reading the documentation were not so successful. But then I read the detailled documentation and found out that it was pretty easy. The whole shops works perfect and has really awesom functions.

The really amazing thing is the support. I mean it! I experienced great support for other modules and components but the hika team is more than amazing. They replied quickly, took time to answer all my question until everything was solved and even published one update because of a customization (in hika serials).
I absolutely recommend hikashop for everybody who is looking for a professional shop system for physical and digital goods and works long therm with it.
It is absolutely worth it to take time and learn to work with the shop.
bys1m0n, March 15, 2013
Contact Enhanced Component
The CE is great!
Our hoster often makes problems if it concerns contact forms. I used different free and one paid component before I tried CE. It worked without any changes.

There was a problem in the backend. I couldn´t create new contacts at first. I contacted the support. They replied very quick and solved the problem within 24 hours. Thanks again.
bys1m0n, March 11, 2013
Joom Donation
The settings are easy, you can translater everything in the backend if neccesary. After some minutes doing the settings, the component worked just perfect.

At first the installation of the jomsocial plugin didn´t work. I created a ticket to get support and got a very quick reply. Then everything worked just perfect. I asked for a customisation of the plugin so that only the doner can see his donation on his js profile. Tuan (programer) solved it perfect and very quick.

So the component works just fine and the support is outstanding excellent!
Thanks again!