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bys1r0n, November 13, 2009
Ninja Accordion
I love this extension. I just works, cross browser and everything. The only issue I have is that it currently ignores access levels and displays all menus regardless, but that's a minor things and the NINJA team are already working on resolving it. They want 10.00 for access to all their extensions, I'd easily pay 3 times that just for this. It has made site and navigation design so much easier for me
bys1r0n, March 8, 2007
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I really love this cart. I set it up quickly and and does everything except there is no affiliate system. i really need that. I've tried to search in the support forums for the cart and have asked whether or not there is an intention to do an affiliate program but have received no response. So, I'll be switching to a commercial cart. Unfortunately...