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bys31523, November 20, 2011
I was having so much trouble with WYSIWYG editors stripping out custom html code from the content I was editing. I installed this plugin and it works like a charm. Any code between the source tags renders perfectly. I tried it with CKEditor and the JCKEditor, and they both work with this plugin. AWESOME job!
bys31523, September 20, 2011
Product Viewer FX
The actual product viewer flash aspect is great, and it integrates well onto a site. The management of the content that is displayed in the flash slideshow needs work. The do offer a configuration app on their site, but it's a little clunky to have to configure your flash images and settings on their site, download a new zip file, and then updload the zip file contents to a special folder on your site. If the interface to manage the flash viewer is integrated into the Joomla backend, this add-on will be AWESOME. I don't mean to detract from the awesomeness of this add-on, but managing the site content needs to be integrated into the main Joomla admin backend for this to be a truly great add-on. Nice start!