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bysNoopfox, April 10, 2014
ACL Manager
There's 2 things I look for when paying for a component. That's a great component to suit my requirements, and prompt service to assist with any problems.

That's what you'll get with this component. I highly recommend!
bysNoopfox, February 6, 2014
This is a really good component for delivering invoices to clients and keeping track of what has been paid, what hasn't etc.

Ideally I'd give 4.5 stars would more ideal but that isn't an option!

This component will be worthy of 5 stars after it improves a few things such as attaching a .pdf export to the emails, and what I would have liked to see is for the 'Recurring invoices' to automatically publish an fresh invoice and auto send the email.

This would really help create an automated invoicing system that every business want, saving them lots of admin time.

The developer I believe is working on these ideas, so for a year's worth of downloads it'd well worth purchases now being able to updated at a later time.
Owner's reply

Many thanks for your kind words!
Yes, as you mention, we are already working on these specific 2 improvements you mention (autosend email, attach PDF invoice).
Please, feel free to contact us at if you're interested in testing them out!

bysNoopfox, January 11, 2012
Bottom Panel Slider
I installed this product fine and it does work out the box, however there is a massive conflict with my actual menu.

The java script seems to clash, which is not ideal. I am yet to hear from the developers for technical support so I can't rate the experience too high.
bysNoopfox, December 9, 2011
In theory it sounds great! Maybe I haven't set it up right but based on the instructions in the module parameters that is probably why.

I published module on a specific page in various module position, I specified the URL of the page and nothing happens. I tried a few different things but just couldn't get it working.

I'm sure it DOES work >>> but you should really instruct people better, if not in the module, somewhere on your web site. PLEASE.
Owner's reply

I wish you would have contacted me before hurting my reputation like this. Support questions for my extensions are answered immediately.

Yes, the module works, as the many positive reviews below indicate. Several also indicate my high level of support. Please contact me via my site so I can help you out and get rid of this blight in my reviews.

You probably have something misconfigured - it will be quick, I promise.

bysNoopfox, December 7, 2011
Smart Slider 2
This product is simply amazing.

It can bring a site to life with minimal effort. It's simply, chic and looks amazing.

This is the 3rd Component I have purchased from these developers and I can vouch for them 100% ... They bring a fresh breathe of air to developing with Joomla. They understand consumer needs and dvelop their products on that basis with great design over the top.

Check out ALL their products, simply great.
bysNoopfox, July 28, 2011
We Ultimate Facebook Comments
I have this running on ALL my k2 items now, it also works in addition to other comment features you may have such as K2 Comments or Jcomments.

This can really make your page dynamic and virally sound, especially you have alot of facebook friends and users to source traffic.

A must buy, simple to install and well worth the money.
bysNoopfox, July 28, 2011
Ultimate Facebook Like Content Button
Perfect plug and play module. Well worth the money and the support is fantastic too.
bysNoopfox, July 28, 2011
Ultimate Feed Display
I've tried and samples many, and many have failed ... or have work but with extreme effort and required plenty of css coding.

This module is perfect. It's plug and play at its finest.

Another feature that I don't think isn't credited enough is the fact that the feeds open up in a new browser within your webpage, so users don't actually leave your site. Brilliant.

5/5 and a must must by for the price.
bysNoopfox, September 3, 2010
I've tried and tested atleast 10 different twitter feed mods, I specifically needed to display multiple twitter feeds.

Despite other modules talking a fair game, they seemed to falter.

Abivia twitter module works just great and is fast to load. The support is also fantastic. I only usually edit css but they helped me configure the css for this module so I got it laid out exactly how I want it.

Big thumbs up to this module and their team.