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bysaadi78, July 17, 2009
I just installed this and have only played around with it for about fifteen minutes but after trying many of the other non commercial portfolio components I would have to say this seems to be a nicely built one.
It is very easy to install (component auto installs the plugins) and has lots of options for adding project details, customisable CSS layout and a number of different view options for linking from the menu.

Great effort, my only wish would be to be able to add multiple pics per item, but it is not a big deal as it uses tinymce for adding the description so you can just add extra pics to your description.
bysaadi78, March 24, 2009
Vip Quotes
This extension works realy well. In my opinion it is the best quote extention for joomla. Easy quote adding and managment from the backend.

The only thin to be aware of is the download button in the is extension directory only downloads the comopnent, you need the module as well.
bysaadi78, March 18, 2009
Blank Module
THis is so easy to use, and is perfect for any webmaster wanting to display custom content vis Javascript etc.

I have used it extensively in the last site I combined with a "modules content plugin" in developed to integrate js calculators into the content (up to 8 js snippets per page). It does this seamlessly and diplays the output in the css style of the template.

Perfect, and much simpler than other options.
bysaadi78, March 18, 2009
This module is great, it is a very slick way of displaying a gallery.

It takes a bit of time to get it working, and requires the use of a couple of other extensions to get it working.

But it offers complete customisation and the support is amazing.

Thanks for the great module
bysaadi78, January 19, 2009
Does exactly what is says, easy to install easy to use, and submits to top five search engines at the click of a button. What more could you want!
bysaadi78, January 16, 2009
Tabs & Sliders [for articles]
I found this plugin to be a good addition to my site. It works well once you have figured out it's quirks.

Only use plain text when pasting into your editor when using it, and don't try to use the headings etc hat are pre formated for your template, if you want to dress up text just use the paragraph text option and then use bold, colours etc.
This should save you a bit of hassle with browser compatibility, and display errors.

Otherwise works great,thanks for an elegant way to display content.