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bysabinalove, December 24, 2013
Good option for project management but it needs more improvement in the user experience side and the structure and how the things are organized, hope that it will be just one component not multiple separate components.
bysabinalove, December 24, 2013
OSE Membership™
Just wanna say that if you need MEMBERSHIP option in you website, this is the best extension
bysabinalove, December 16, 2013
Good but, say good bye to stability, don't expect that it will works with ALL extension, there is a problem of compatibility
bysabinalove, December 16, 2013
Now we can create a social network in just few minutes, that's really awesome isn't it ?
bysabinalove, December 16, 2013
Modules Anywhere
I can't imagine Joomla without this this extension, it's really useful
bysabinalove, December 16, 2013
I used to use another extension when I need a site map, but now without doubt I will use use only JSITEMAP