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bysaetveit, September 22, 2007
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This isn't the easiest extension to work with, but its output can be used to make a great horizontal or vertical css-only suckerfish menu!

I tried it a year ago, and my knowledge was insufficient to get it working properly (as a suckerfish menu) but upon second try, it worked great!
bysaetveit, October 4, 2006
I've tried various calendars for my small, non-profit organization's website. We have lots of events (usually 5 or more per day), so a very functional calendar was a must. This version of JEvents has added significant functionality and raises this project well above other non-comercial calendars for Joomla. Just as important, active development and support are ongoing.
With a little work, you can customize the color schemes of the modules and components to match your website, and you'll have a great calendar!