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Event Registration Pro
I have been looking for a comprehensive event management system to handle registrations for a conference. I needed event registration that would tie in with paypal, the ability to register more than one person at a time, and some sort of registered user management on the back end.

After an extensive test run at the developer's demo site, I decided this component was worth a shot. I would strongly recommend that anyone considering this component do the same, especially before paying.

I purposefully chose to use this component ONLY for the registration features. I am VERY happy with EventList and simply added a link to the Event RegistrationPro registration form in my EventList details page. So while it might cost some money, I know it will save my client TONS of time when managing their conference.

The customer service has been outstanding. The lack of a forum is disappointing, but they responded to tickets within 24 hrs, most of the time within just a few hours. There are still some bugs (like not compatible with JCE, which they claim is a bug with JCE), but I can only see this component improving.

Based on some of the very low ratings here, I was a little skeptical. But the demo site really helped me figure out how I could use this component. Plus, based on the component's most recent version (as of now, 1.5.3), obviously the developer was listening to some of the feedback. I was especially concerned about being limited to 7 fields on the registration form and not being able to edit/manage users on the back end, but that has been changed, as I quickly found out on the demo site.

There are some limitations that I hope to see changed in the future:

- Better handling of registering more than 1 person. If you register 10 people, and are asking for name, company, address, city, state, zip, email, phone, etc. for all 10, it's a cumbersome form to fill out. The ability to copy fields (like the address field) across all would be nice. There is community builder integration and certain fields can be prepopulated with information from the user's profile.

- The ability to add some custom text for each event above and/or below the registration form to provide some instruction/details for the user.

- The ability to show the registrant's payment method in the exportable excel spreadsheet of registered users on the back end. I'd like to know if they chose PayPal or offline without having to look at each individual transaction detail.

- The ability to add more information to the automatically generated response emails, ie. to let the user know they purchased 2 Premium-level tickets (as opposed to, let's say, Standard-level tickets) with 1 parking ticket and 2 t-shirts. If I have multiple tickets and additional options for one event, I can't include those specific details in the email.

I didn't even consider DT Register because I don't want to run Legacy mode. redEvent seems to have potential and I'll be keeping my eye on it, and if Eventlist comes out with payment integration, wow, that would be great. But for now, Event Registration Pro has been able to do everything I needed it to do and I have been VERY happy with it.
Owner's reply

RE: Better handling of registering more than 1 person...We have a new group access feature that is perfect for this.
RE: limited to 7 fields on the registration form...This was never the case. You can have as many custom fields as you wish.