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bysagaranvekar, April 11, 2014
SP Upgrade
I used this extension for more than 5 websites and not a single fail till now! Great job by extension developers.

It looks unfair only when you have to spend similar amount for SP-transfer when you are trying to switch between post versions than 1.5. Either it should be included or should have small fee for those who bought SP upgrade.
bysagaranvekar, April 7, 2014
This extension saved my time required for integrating wordpress blog into Joomla. Really liked it a lot.
Just one request for developer -
1. Need blog post module for this component.
2. The menu type cannot be Category view. Just blog post entries while we have 3 views in component.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the kind comments. We have item 1 on our issues list ( but it hasn't made it to the top of the list. Will review again. For item 2, if I interpret this correctly then what you want is a list of the blog titles which link to the actual blog entries. If this is the case, you could achieve this if you override the 'entries' view template in your own theme, either as a full template override or as an alternative layout specifically for one menu entry.


bysagaranvekar, June 11, 2013
JS Autoz
I am really happy with the support provided by developers. They sorted my complex issues like fetching records on list view, sorting, thumbnails etc... Really happy with support. Recommended !!!
bysagaranvekar, January 10, 2013
VM Postcode  for VirtueMart
I was searching for extension that can help me to allow radius based shipping. Finally i used this extension to sort out my need. and it worked very well. John guided me over email and skype to get it sorted. very pleased with this extension and John's support.
bysagaranvekar, October 6, 2012
The module works perfect on all other pages except on the child category pages. Ex- When this module is published in 'left' position and when i click on the the parent category, module is shown, but when i click on the child category shown in module itself, the module disappear. The module is assigned to all menus still not working for me. :(
bysagaranvekar, November 26, 2011
Superfish Menu
This menu will be more useful if it comes with:
1) Classes for first and last menu items.
2) Auto width menu parameter(for full width menus)
3) Parameter to remove menu shadow