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bysakattack, June 2, 2013
Uygun tabs
I tried one more tabs plugin for joomla 3 before trying this one but that other one (from nonumber) failed to work correctly after moving all javascript files to bottom (using extension jscriptsdown). However this tabs plugin worked flawlessly with scripts at bottom and with ANY other scripts loaded in the content. Wonderful!!
bysakattack, May 14, 2013
What an amazing module. Easily one of the most useful modules I have ever used. It works perfectly and it is invaluable. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

p.s. it works flawlessly with responsive designs
bysakattack, May 2, 2013
Page Scroller
I have used this little gem with j1.5 and j3.1.1 and both times it worked perfectly and "out of the box". You can publish it in whatever module position you want and it will show up exactly where it's supposed to be without breaking anything else. Keep in mind that it loads it's own instance of jquery.min.js , and if you're already loading jquery with some other means then you don't want it loaded again because you may have conflicts, and even if you don't, you simply load uneccessary kilobytes. In order to remove pagescroller's jquery go to modules/mod_pagescroller/tmpl/default.php and remove line 15 where the script is being loaded
Microformats votes
I purchased this plugin to use it with joomla 1.5 and k2.

It does the essential stuff well, my links now have rating in the serps.

However, if someone uses the default rating of k2 to sumbit his/her rating then, even though k2 database is updated, the plugin does not reflect the change (tried everything). Also if you need to reset the K2 ratings at some point (which is the case most of the times), doing so will result in having 2 ratings, the K2 rating at 0, and the microformats votes rating at whatever it'll stay like that forever. Only workaround is to deletethe database entry for the specific item in te plugin's table. Not good!!!

Also, the developer didn't wanna hear any of it and closed the forum topic abruptly saying it's not his plugin's fault and that I should give him admin access to check it for himself........admin access to a live commercial site..... fishy at best.
Owner's reply

As clearly stated on our site, the MFV plugin is meant to be used INSTEAD of the default component's voting system and NOT beside it. When installed, the MFV imports the votings data from the component's tables. When a vote is submitted trough MFV, the K2 votings data tables are updated as well.

Indeed the MFV has no button for deleting the data it has gathered. Is not described in product also.

About closing of topic: I say you previous day that here are four days national holidays (we dont have 24/7 support) and topic will be opened again in first working day. Still no answer from you after holidays...

bysakattack, March 21, 2012
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Related Content for K2
This module is a gem. It is the ONLY module for k2 that behaves exactly like the joomla related module, and even better, with the ability to relate by tag and category, and both at once....awesome stuff. The support is also ultra fast. All and all ... 5 stars are not enough.
bysakattack, May 6, 2011
Lof SlideShow for K2
Excellent module. I cannot believe it's free. I installed it, created a module, named it, didn't touch anything else and it worked perfectly. And it's damn beautiful too. Bravo!