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bysalzburg, August 28, 2012
Browser Update Warning
Does what it says. Nice work.
On my old J1.5 Site I used some other extension which used a warning message for outdated IE Versions. This extension gives me the possibility to choose minimum requirements for the main browsers.
That's what I was looking for a long time, as my site is just a private personal project it's easier to display a warning to the user instead of making the layout compatible to stoneage browsers.

Really fine work.
bysalzburg, November 19, 2011
Phoca Gallery Tree
This is an absolute must have if you use Phoca Gallery.
I have more than 30 categories in my gallery and this tree is the easiest way to navigate through the all this.
bysalzburg, November 19, 2011
Phoca Gallery Image
Before I used Joomla!'s own random image module and used a link to the Phoca Gallery.
This makes it much easier and I can select the categories I want.
bysalzburg, November 1, 2011
Simple File Lister
Nice work.
I have some trouble to change to subdirectories, they are listed but a am not able to change to them.
But as I only want to use if for one specific directory, its no problem for me.

It is only possible to decide "only pictures" or "all files", a file filter would be nice.
Owner's reply

Hi, sorry to hear you ran into problems... :(

If you can't browse into sub-directories you most likely have a jQuery conflict. There are settings in SFL back-end where you can turn off loading of jQuery from SFL and use it from your template or any other extension.


bysalzburg, October 31, 2011
Login Failed Log
Installed, activated, tested.
Useful, exactly what I was looking for.
Works fine and does what it says.
bysalzburg, October 31, 2011
Works really fine, and protects my site from unauthorizes access.
Does what it says and does it good :)
bysalzburg, October 29, 2011
Thank you for this great plug-in!
After trying some other lightboxes to show articles which made some troubles, this one works fine.
No troubles with editors, not necessary to change articles and links, just easily configure the plugin.

Your site is always a good address for Joomla Extensions, they work fine and do what they are supposed to.
bysalzburg, November 22, 2009
Found it yesterday on your website while searching for some information about your other extensions.
Great thing the ReReplacer.
Made some tags do display articles or other stuff in a lightbox.
Needed a little bit trying before it did what I wanted to, but it's not to difficult.
Really cool thing. Keep on doing stuff like this :)
Owner's reply

Thanks. Yeah, to do the more exotic stuff a little regular expression knowhow comes in handy.

If you can't figure it out, you can always try my forum :)

bysalzburg, May 4, 2009
Simple Image Gallery
Great extenstion! This was the first extension since I updated my site to Joomla!, ant it's still the best extension! I really like the very easy way to add a gallery to the content.

No manual thumnail creating, no changing of permissions to let the extension create thumbnails, just easily upload the pictures and use them in a gallery.
A really good way for making galleries.