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bysalzkrabbe, September 29, 2013
jQuery Easy
Let's make it short and crispy: Do not look any further, if you got problems with differnet jQuery-versions. This fantastic plugin over here will solve them.

Just install it and voilà - problems gone. Almost unbelievable that this is offered for free - thank you very much for this!

In most cases you do not have to change a single setting - but if so, there's a great and easy to understand documentation to guide you.

Perfect - keep up the good work!

BR from Germany!

Owner's reply

Thank you for this enthousiastic review and for showing your appreciation for the work I have put into it.
The extension is free and will remain free for all.
This is really a contribution I make to the Joomla! community. I wanted to help in solving issues brought by sites that are more and more complex and use a multitude of different technologies.
Thank you for your support.

bysalzkrabbe, March 18, 2013
As soon as you got the challenge to integrate php or javascript directly in your page, take this extension - seriously: it could not be any easier!

Even in the free version, sourcerer got everything you need to include your code, plus it is secure as you can choose your own triggerword, which is needed to accept and execute code.

If you should ever have a problem with sourcerer, just go to the official website and ask your question in the forum - Peter's support is just outstanding.

Five stars for this extension - this is truely deserved!
bysalzkrabbe, January 7, 2013
Improved AJAX Login & Register
I have checked out dozens of login extensions, but what totally convinced me about improved AJAX login was their great demo version: You can really test every feature - including the backend - on their website. So you definately know in advance, if the product fits your requirements.

No need to say that I am a happy customer right now, as this extension looks great and offers advanced options (e.g. have an additional user menue shown, if you are logged in).

This already would be enough to be willing to pay 10$ - but there's more: You really get outstanding support. I set up two tickets and both of them have been replied in less than 12 hours - simply amazing!

I highly recommend this extension to everyone!
bysalzkrabbe, January 5, 2013
Advanced Module Manager
This extension makes possible what seemed impossible before: Just place your module wherever you want!

I am still amazed how well this extension has been thought trough - because there simply does not miss a thing - you always find a way to position your module exactly where you want - the options are almost endless!

Cannot believe that this extension is still for free. It should be part of the Joomla Core.
bysalzkrabbe, October 25, 2012
I was almost at the edge of giving up, to kill the "home"-display on my startpage in front of my website name.

Then somebody told me about this plugin here. I installed it and 10 seconds later my problem was solved.

And this all for free - thank you so much!
bysalzkrabbe, September 7, 2012
Freestyle FAQs
Seriously - it could not be much better. I have been looking for a FAQ component for my site and in this extension I found much more than I was hoping for - and this all for free!

The tool is pretty simple to use and has some clever features. You can also backup and restore your FAQ database, which is useful.

I highly recommend this to anyone - stop searching, just install this extension and you will be amazed.

@devs: Keep up your good work! Thanks!
bysalzkrabbe, July 30, 2012
I was glad, when I saw that recaptcha is now part of Joomla 2.5. But when I finally enabled it on my website, I got frustrated: Seriously - I am not a noob, but how could Google expect that one would be able to identify those alphabetical mess? I almost need 10-20 reloads per captcha, in order to be able to read/type the required solution.

Therefore I was looking for a good alternative - and I finally found it in "keycaptcha".

The whole captcha is not only very cool and fun to use (solve image puzzles, instead of identifying crypted characters....), it is furthermore offered totally for free and set up within 2 minutes.

I would have expected that the support for a freeware tool like this would be rather poor - but I have been totally wrong: The support is awesome. I got an answer to my two requests in just a few hours each - that's outstanding!

My wish/feature request - which I would even take as paid features - are:

- being able to choose only certain images out of the whole portfolio (e.g. you have an animal site then show only animal pictures as captchas)

- set up your own captcha images


Owner's reply

Thank you for your excellent review

bysalzkrabbe, July 28, 2012
JCK Editor
Being still a newbie to Joomla, I was looking for an editor, which could simplify my life, while at the same time offering lots of helpful functions - I found this plus more in JCK.

It is absolutely amazing, how such a powerful product can be offered for free!

What really convinced me about JCK, is the fact that this editor can properly handle HTML - whereas other editors sometimes get hickups at this point.

Furthermore, JCK's performance can be extended via a large portfolio of plugins - really looking forward to check them out. For now, already the basic free version of JCK offers much more then I currently need.

Have not tried their support yet, but I appreciate the fact that they to video tutorials on their page.

I highly recommend this editor to Joomla beginners and advanced users at the same time.
Owner's reply


I'm glad the video tutorials have helped. We have added a number including "how to install the editor" for those who are new to Joomla. We try our best to make the whole process as easy and as straight forward as possible. I am glad that it has helped.

PS, have you tried 5.2? It has some great new features including drag and drop uploading for HTML5 compatible browsers.

Kind regards,

Mark and the JCK team.