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bysam1977, September 20, 2012
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like other products in this category they should be much more stable before going public. friendly support but definitely too slow. others reply within 24 hours. please do some improvements and take out the potential it has.
Owner's reply

The product is 3 years old.

Our support engineers reply to each request within 24-48 hours.

Please simply contact us by email or on our forum and let us know what exactly is not working for you.

Thousands of customers are happy using the product, please SIMPLY contact us and we will be happy to solve any issues you have.

bysam1977, September 20, 2012
1-2-3 and site is down!

think this product is not yet stable enough for the mass. there could be potential but a lot of work has to be done... but for the moment i would rather go on other products.
Owner's reply

You site is really down ?
I'm not sure about that... maybe an other problem. Why you don't have contact me before posting a review ?
(link contact in the bottom of the joomic website)