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bysambob08, March 9, 2009
Having tried JCE a few years back I felt there were some things lacking (or maybe I didn’t find the initial app intuitive) I found myself searching for an editor that did all.

I tried some of the others (which do a fair job) but recently returned to JCE after struggling to find a decent way to incorporate flash and create image popups.

The small charge for a subscription to the extra add-ons is well worth it as it really is all in one (Image Manager, Utilities, Media Manager etc) and will save a lot of time.

Just a note on the media manager; if using, you must initially 'activate' it (JCE>Config>Groups>layout) besides that; an essential, well thought-out, and intuitively developed extension.
bysambob08, February 6, 2008
Google Maps by Reumer
I have used the 1.0 version of this and it has been great and very easy to install and configure.

Having recently upgrade to 1.5, it was just as easy. It is a great tool. (it does need to be installed with Joomla in Legacy, but will run in normal 1.5

I use this with a GoogleEarth KML/KMZ files.

I had one small problem with CSS and the text balloons that (default from this plugin) and the GoogleEarth files appeared blankk as it was white text (from my CSS) on a white background.

To overcome this I put the Mosmap code inside a span style which designates a colour.

EG: {mosmap width='750'|height='500'|ETC.. ETC}

Very good plugin and Mike is very helpful with support of this.


Simon B
bysambob08, January 31, 2008
A very good product and VERY easy to use (My php skill are somewhat limited).

I had this working smoothly on Joomla 1.0 and recently migrated to 1.5. There were a couple a teething problems cause by the script I was using but the Developer (Martin) was very quick with a response and got it working in no time.

Good product and good service by the person behind it - that I like to see!

Highly recommend