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bysamed1978, July 6, 2013
Map Locations
Used few map plugins before and this one is really much better, than all my previous google maps. I had few small questions about CSS support replyed me immediately. 5+ definitely , bec. only one thing which i met it was CSS question... no bugs or any other problems. Thank you guys!
bysamed1978, July 6, 2013
It's a pretty nice gallery. I find here some advantages, but it's not 100% acceptable in some cases. New stylish admin interface. From one hand this is really great looking layout and functionality, but few my customers which was familiar with native joomla interface get confused by new look, as result i've got so much questions and so much time wasted! In some cases native joomla style much better, then such innovations.
Also i had few issues during installation in backend, it was fixed by myself. It was conflict in admin section, during installation. On few another sites had problems after installation in back end.
In conclusion extension really good and interface looks interesting, but if you have some customers which is not so easy to learn it's not a best choice for you. As result i decide to replace this gallery by another alternative solution. Didn't had a chance to try support, but i'm sure that it's ok.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review.

I see you like our image manager but you don't have enough time to explain how to use our component for your customer. In fact you like our component but your customer don't know how to use, can you tell me how can we fix that ?

This component is really simple and user friendly, Droppics is using a similar way as Facebook to create image galleries, and most of the users know facebook not any other image component. Another point joomla doesn't have a gallery manager, so it's normal to explain by yourself how our component works to your customer. In this case this review is not fair because we can not fix anything to improve more Droppics. You should ask support first! Best regards.

bysamed1978, October 29, 2012
JSN ImageShow PRO
Super gallery! I really like it right from first few minutes when i download it. Excellent documentation with great visualisation. Didn't get a chance to contact to support bec. everything clear and working smooth! Thank you guys!