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bysamfraser, March 12, 2012
Bible Study
This is an excellent component which will meet all your sermon listing requirements.
There is good documentation guiding one through configuration and there is futher support through the forum which is quick and very helpful!
Suggestions for improvement taken on-board for future versions.
Configuration would be easier if Media Files and Studies were configurable from the same area, but on the whole I can't recommend it highly enough!
bysamfraser, February 28, 2012
Xpert Scroller
I tried this extension but it didn't work the way I required.

I had a number of Articles which contained RSS feed modules. I wanted this extension to scroll through each article's content, but all it was capable of doing is show the title with some intro text - unformatted i.e. in one continuous line.

I may have been trying to use the extention beyond it's design though, if all you want is a quick article title scroll with a bit of intro content, be it text or images, then this could work well for you.
bysamfraser, January 27, 2012
I've tried a few polls from Joomla extentions directory to find one most suitable for my needs.

Although there are a few bugs, they are not critical. The Polls are configured in a very robust fashion which makes for good stability.

One downside is that this is not a module so can't be hooked up to your site, rather it's a menu item or can be copied and pasted into your article using the jVote button under your article.

There is also forum support (in German) but good use of widely available free translators out there will get you by.

Well done Joomess! I look forward to your module version!