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Almost 1 year ago my 7... 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, websites were hacked all at the same time... Not a good thing for me when my clients start seeing stuff other than their site on their domain... Worse when you take a few minutes to fix it only to have it done again in less than 24 hours... Even worse when they see all my sites showing the same content... Even worse when your host takes your account offline for malicious content!!!!! It was so bad I took a 3 day weekend (While my host had the sites being blocked) and took all the data off the server, and started a fresh install for my 7 sites. After 2-3 weeks of peace, I leaned back in my chair with a feeling of accomplishment, only to receive a text from one of my customers that it had happened again!!!! And then my account was taken offline a second time!!

I was at a loss! What could I do? I had 7 customers and I did not have the expertise to fix this problem and guarantee that it would not happen again! Was I going to have to give them a refund? I couldn't do that... There money was already spent!
I started researching the options I had to secure Joomla, and I found RSFirewall... Looking at the information, it seemed simple enough.
1. Buy a license.
2. Download
3. Upload/Install
4. Set password, turn on lock down.
5. Drink a diet coke and watch Law & Order, because RSFirewall was handling all of my real life offenders, I could spend time watching TV about made up offenders.

Honestly though this extension is Great. After installing it my problems stopped. Sure I sat around waiting for it to hit the fan... but it never did. As a matter of fact during my first 6 month membership, I didn't even have anyone try to hack my sites (I'm guessing they know not to try with the RSFirewall badge on the public side of the website.) I just renewed for my second 6 months, and I am excited to see that it supports Joomla 1.6 too! I finally had someone try to hack one of my sites again! :-D It was great, because I got to watch in real time through my email each attempt they made to try and login. Because of the email notifications letting me know that they were failing, I was also able to login to the administration side of the site they were attempting to access and verify that it was locked down... After the "hacker" tried about 9 or 10 times, he/she gave up and moved on!!! Thank you RSFirewall, I literally sleep better at night because for a while I really did have to worry about getting up each morning and making sure that my sites had not been hacked while I was asleep, but no more!

Yes it may be the most expensive Joomla extension you buy (Although I'm sure there are others that cost more) but it is the most valuable one you will buy! Big time saver! Plus the protected by badge looks great! :-)