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bysandra97, August 29, 2012
AcyMailing Starter
Sometimes, by watching the rates and comments with which I agree on the JED I say to myself : "why bother to add one more."
This is obviously a bad reaction and that is why I post this comment.
Thanks to extensions like AcyMailing (and some others ...) I became an unconditional Joomla! follower.

Of course the component is fabulous, possibilities are endless, but also, what is outstanding is the quality of the technical core and especially the willingness of its professional team to always want to improve and listen to the users.

Although sometimes we ask a lot, the support is incredibly efficient!
You ask a question, the answers are fast, clear and effective. More important, the willingness to help and assist is leading the team.

The Team becomes not only a support but a real partner in your projects, even inviting to explore new possibilities.
So if you are a member as we are, the ROI is significantly positive, no doubt about that.

I will not be too long to say as the others that AcyMailing ROCKS!

Ps : thanks again Adrien for your personal investment not only in AcyMailing ;)

bysandra97, April 24, 2012
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I must admit, the challenge was difficult to overcome.
I worked over 10 years as a real estate agent in France and for almost 10 years I realize websites.
I wanted to re-built an old but very well optimized real estate directory website that was written in pure HTML. In order to turn it to a Joomla website, I was looking for a very specific real estate component ...
After various tests, I opted for the component iProperty because it fulfilled my many constraints (multi-agency, multi agents, front-end management...)

Past the discovery phase, I was impressed by the sheer number of features offered by IPorperty. Often, when this is the case with certain extensions, we discover that there are many things but incomplete, sloppy, poorly coded etc. ...
Yet with iProperty, and you can believe that I pushed to its limits, everything is on top ...

In details, several questions you can ask yourself about this component

- Is it a reliable and high quality component?
Personally, I have rarely used a component of such a high quality. Very few bugs (and when there is one, the team solves it quickly), easy to use, outstanding features and easy to adapt. It is perfect for a single agency as well as for a real estate directory like mine.

- Does it really suit to a real estate website?
Unquestionably YES! As a former real estate agent, it fulfills all criteria for a site for an agency or a real estate portal. It seems that they are not only very good developers but they seem to know the real estate business, its complexities and the user experience.
For the French people, IProperty has even thought to include a plugin for our beloved DPE!
If you want to us it as a directory with several estate agencies, you can specify a maximum number of properties by agencies, they can publish themselves their property, and so on...
Moreover, the adaptation of styles is easy, and almost everything is possible. Very good idea indeed that IProperty has included the ability to use your own css in a separate file, very useful when you modify almost everything and there is a new release of the component ...

- Is the support team effective?
Yes, just fantastic! Vinny answers quickly to all my questions and issues, with clear, precise and effective answers. I do not know how he does all that !!!

- Is a good investment ?
Further to all my comments above ... yes yes yes! When you see the quality of the extension, support and features it offers, I do not regret my purchase one second.

After all of the above, and since I have several real estate websites to achieve in the near future, I can say with no doubt that I will realize them with the extension iProperty, which for me is the best proof of its quality!

Sorry if my english is not perfect, you must have understood, I'm French !
To my mind (and for my team), SobiPro is a component that offers all the fabulous opportunities and maybe even those that the developers never thought about...

I do not pay $60 a year (a bit more ;)) and I am very happy to pay...
I am a passionate, it's true, of OpenSource in general, especially Joomla! and some extensions such as SobiPro but first of all I'm a company manager...
So, when I pay for a component (with varied degrees of satisfaction), I ask myself some questions :

- Is it a quality component ?
YES! Without any doubt, a high quality component that I would not have been able to provide or maybe it should take years for me to achieve that result (if I succeed) but....... My customers, such as myself, do not have that time!
And yes, among other things, I buy time and knowledge and I sell my time adding my work and expertise.

- Does it fit to my needs?
YES! If you want to make a directory... but not only!
Several templates are available for ads, restaurant guide, real estate directory… and more importantly, it is very easy to adapt depending on your needs, thanks to all the features provided. It allows to create different and independent directories, each with different options and features (including forms, custom templates for each directory) but all directories are in the same home directory, without the need to duplicate the component or to create sub-domain for each directory.

- Is the support efficient?
YES! Developers improve constantly the component and the associated plugins and mods... but not only!
The forum is monitored by specialists. They answer quickly and with efficiency...
Once, we discovered a bug in an update, we informed the team immediately, (another good point for sobipro : you can follow “in live” the progress of the work of developers) and the day after, they posted a new update fixing the issue. What else!

- Will the developers stop and leave us?
Okay, we can never be sure of anything but Sobi is present for a certain time and they seem to have always new projects that seem to be interesting.
Furthermore, the component is reliable, with a clean code (some other developers should follow their example…), with a good SEO.

- Is the component profitable?
YES, YES, YES, I use SobiPro currently on two very big websites (almost 3 and still full of projects), well I do not know if I should say that but regarding the time saved, the functionalities offered, the precious help provided by the support team, I cannot say that the subscription is expensive.... And SobiPro, for those who have forgotten this, is a FREE component!

To be completely objective, the only area where they may be a bit worse is the design but:
- This concept is very subjective ...
- It is very easy to modify the design of the features provided in the component.
- I think it is not their work (nobody can do everything) and they have to give work for others ;) ...
- Even if the design had been worked over, I would have anyway completely redesigned to fit the client needs (the duplication of the default template allows to modify the CSS and other elements without modifying the default elements, really handy for updates!)

Moreover Sobipro offers different templates according to your needs (car ads, restaurant guide, real estate directory, community members ...)
So please SobiPro team, focus as you did on the heart of the component and we will do the rest.

We tested other components including ads component that were 10 times more expensive but 100 times less efficient, with no real support, with a dirty poorly written code (modifying CSS styles not as easily as it has to be modified directly into PHP files and not in a CSS file !) and without any consideration of SEO

Also, I wish to emphasize that, even if I'm a "professional", the component is very intuitive, and affordable for non-pros who crumble under the capability and reliability.

Finally, and very important, even if SobiPro is dedicated to a specific purpose, thanks to the features and templates available, with a bit of imagination and a bit of work you can transform easily the component for other purposes, it is a creation tool!

I strongly advise anyone to use SOBIPRO, it offers so many possibilities !

Merci Sigsiu !
bysandra97, February 12, 2012
I used an other component and was really happy with it but with Joomla 2.5 I had to find an other one and I discover Breezing Forms which provides so many possibilities, I use it for complex forms too even for quote request, it's easy to use and the support is just perfect, even on Sundays ;-)
A must have !
bysandra97, January 19, 2009
Just one word : perfect !
I'm a new user of joomla and I've download chronoforms. It's very easy to realize forms with it.
I had a problem of permission to remove the backlink after buying the license. I've sent an e-mail to chronoforms, they answered me after just a few hours (on a Sunday!) and they helped me solve my problem.
Thank you so much to Chronoforms team and especially Max.
This extension is a must have and worth its price.
PS : sorry for my English, I'm french !