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bysandstorm871, December 17, 2013
Components Anywhere
As with all NoNumber components & plugins, this is easy to use, simple, does exactly as you would expect it to & support is brill too!
I use the Pro version, but this review is also relevant for the free version.
Great work Peter & NoNumber!
bysandstorm871, October 1, 2013
RuposTel One Page Checkout for VirtueMart
OPC is as my title suggests Awesome & a must for every virtuemart site.
Some users think that this should be part of virtuemart core functionality, but I believe that its best to keep it as a 3rd party component.

The amount of time that Stan puts into developing OPC and keeping it the best VM extension is unbelievable.
This is the same for his approach to support, he always helps with support , setting and listens to feature requests.

If a new version cant be out with a feature request (that is worth adding) you have mentioned within a few days, Stan will have a solution for you.

Excellent Component, Excellent Support, keep up the great work Stan & Rupostel!
bysandstorm871, August 6, 2013
I have used the full/pro versions of CSVI for a few years now & I would recommend it to anybody with a virtuemart site or site where you may need to import anything else.
Not only does it work brilliantly for Virtuemart Stores, but there are also other standard templates for AWO EZ Reality, K2 AUP, Joomla Articles, Users and lots more.
If its not already set up, you can also use the custom field settings & the developer Roland is always on hand providing excellent support and solutions to your CSV related problems.

Roland has helped me out on many occasions with basic CSV stuff and more complicated bespoke CSVi templates.

It's awesome - Really & will save you hours manually inputting products, articles, coupons, etc.

Try the free version & if you like it buy the Pro version as it's easily worth the price you pay.
bysandstorm871, January 30, 2013
I thought I had tried everything to try and speed up and cache areas of a big busy site.
Other cache extensions and the joomla cache tool, just seemed to brake my site & I was really at the end of the tunnel, I even hired a "Speed expert" of a freelancer website and even they couldn't speed my site up.
I seemed to stumble upon JotCache and literally within minutes of installing it my site was 50% faster.
Its a large site with lots of areas that could really benefit from being cached.
I found it fairly easy to set up and quickly found that the parameters to exclude certain URL's and areas of the site is what makes JotCache so special for me.

It has been installed on a very big, busy site for around 6 months now & I have no issues with it.
New versions, upgrades and bug fixes seem to come out pretty frequently & I recently needed some support.
The support via the forum was quick and informative.
Vlado even took ownership of my problem and tested some stuff in my own website and offered a solution to my problem.

I make many Joomla sites and there are certain Components I see as core to me and I install them in all my sites (JCE, Akeeba are obvious ones), but JotCache is on my list now too!

Thanks for your time in building this great component & offering the support that you do.
Well Done & keep up the good work
bysandstorm871, November 27, 2012
What? Nothing!
I have nothing to say about this plugin!
Owner's reply

Neither do I.

PS: How's the weather? Pretty ok here.

bysandstorm871, March 21, 2012
Ive used CSVI 3 on many sites, tested CSVI4 beta & now use CSVI 4 on newer J2.5 VM2 sites.
There are a few components that I install as standard with a joomla installation. CSVI is one of them!

Works brilliantly and any problems are dealt with by Roland very quickly.
I would recommended this to anyone.
bysandstorm871, February 24, 2012
Event Booking
I have used this extension on a couple of sites now and does the job & more.

Ive called on support a couple of times either by the support ticket or forum and always get an answer with 12-24 hours.

Great extension, will use again and would recommend!
bysandstorm871, November 30, 2011
A great plugin from the lead developer of Akeeba!
Theres a handful of extensions and plugins I always install when starting a new Joomla site, this is now on that list!
I cant believe I only just found it!
Brilliant work Nic!
bysandstorm871, November 1, 2011
Awo Email Login
Ive used numerous extensions from AWO development, free & commercial and all have worked brilliantly, most fairly easy to set up and start using within 10 minutes and support from Seyi is always great too.
AWO Development have even created a handful of bespoke modules and components for me.

A very big Thanks to Seyi & AWO Dev
bysandstorm871, December 15, 2010
I searched for an extension that would allow me to hide a module when users are logged in.

I found this

Downloaded it

Backed my site up

Installed it

& Set it up(working a treat) In less than 5 minutes!

bysandstorm871, April 20, 2010
Akeeba Backup
After installing Joomla and JCE this is the 2nd thing I install on every site. Wether its on my local MAMP server or a live server.
This component works - and works well!
bysandstorm871, December 21, 2009
OSE Membership™
Ive purchased this along with a couple of Add-ons, to control access to a mosets tree directory site, it is a very powerful component and fairly easy to set up and install.

I personally struggled with controlling individual categories for submission, in the mosets tree and Helix and the Guys at OSE, provided me with support above and beyond expectation.

Great Product, Great Guys joomla, Great Company, I hope they do well and make more awesome Add-ons.