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bysanfrandisco, April 11, 2013
En Masse

I'll like to say thanks to the peeps at Matamko to begin with.

I was considering between En Masse and Contus for my group deal site that is based on insurance products.

Most of the time when I approach product company, not many are that helpful. What made me decided on using EnMasse instead of Contus was due to the customer service difference.

The peeps at Matamko actually went all the way to explain to me all my questions and actually even went on Skype to talk to me further.

The last thing when you have a new website is you end up spending most of your time figuring how to do this, how to do that. What I wanted as a smooth experience and quickly get my new group deal site up to date and get the business running instead of looking at all the minor detail.

If you are looking at hassle free, great support, I guess you really can consider them.

I also had customization help from them with specific requirements which was done pretty quickly. I expect them to anyway, since it is their product.

The down side of it all is, they don't have too many templates which is why I asked for some customization as well. It was not expensive to do so anyway. Saved me a lot of time that I can focus on the more important things.

Overall, I'm a happy customer and that's why I am here to return the kind gesture.

Oh I just remember, one other reason for choosing En Masse was due to Joomla! At least I know can I can manage contents for my site easier, which is important to my business.