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bysanjeewasam, April 22, 2009
Community Builder
This product is powerful and there is good amount of add-ons to do just about anything. I have used it for a while and managed to integrate forums and AEC tabs within CB. However, some of the plugs in CB site are outdated and does not work.
bysanjeewasam, March 11, 2009
I decided to try this item and spend a full week with it. There were lot of issues but nothing impossible. Forum is a great place for all you want to know. I integrated a live site with paypal, tested physical and downloaded products, integrated and customized australia post for shipping, customized order confirmation/ invoice etc. I spend about 70hrs on this but I am now comftable in customising things though I am not a PHP or HTML guru. All you need is the to have faith and not to give up. The community is great.
bysanjeewasam, February 23, 2009
I was searching for a component like this and glad I found it. I used it for my site and love it.

However, with few of the following improvements this could really go places
1) use joomla categories (others have commeneted on it) .
2) Has too many parameters but nothing to control page length for hover layer effect. Without it some text, pictures go out of page boarders and is difficult to control.
3) ability to use joomla or JEC editor feature for read more would be nice to have