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bysarrene, August 20, 2014
Thinkery Work Force
I have been using this for several years now at Triad Games and it is a valuable tool for any company, project team or other sites that want to show off staff, contributors, or other important members.

Support is great, though I have not had any initial problems, the staff is always willing to help with questions about customizations and improving the product.

► Excellent response time, ► Excellent support, ► Simple and clean product, ► Almost no overhead, ► Very versatile, ► Easy to use, ► Easy to customize!
bysarrene, October 19, 2012
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Ignite Gallery
I have tried over the years many galleries, and still try out new or updated ones on occasion.

Ignite Gallery is by far the best, with fast support response time, and knowledgeable help/updates/fixes.

Great response and load times with VERY little overhead.

Easily configurable as well as customizable with many built in options. Did I mention the great support yet?

This by far is the best gallery component out there and well worth the small cost.
bysarrene, May 25, 2012
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AVChat Video Chat Integration Kit
I started out with AVConference a few years ago and had some issues with it working. Staff were more than willing to help, and when they were not able to resolve the bugs they upgraded me to AVChat. Excellent product support!!

AVChat is the perfect solution to any site that needs a fast and well running chat programme.

Integrates well with Joomla, (J1.5 or 2.5) easy to set up. If you have any questions or problems, they are fast to help you and get things resolved for you.

AVChat integrates easily on any site, even as your site grows. No conflicts with other components or plugins, easy to set up, integrates perfectly with Jomsocial and ACL.

Perfect solution for a virtual company, customer support solution or any social network site.

Only con is the customization of the style of AVChat. There is limited customization available, though would be nice to offer both a light and dark site version. Only (very minor) complaint I have.

AVChat and AVChat Joomla integration is more than worth the money you spend. A well spent investment for any website.
bysarrene, May 25, 2012
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Q Alerts
Q Alerts is a great addition to any site that has JomSocial installed. Even with the new version of Jomsocial and their included version now.

Q Alerts is easy to install and set up. And best of all, it works perfectly.

The css layout is a bit odd depending on what position you place it in, but Suburbans offers great support and listens to their customers. I customized Q Alerts on our site and still had no problems at all with it working as it should- Perfectly.

MORE than worth the tiny cost.
bysarrene, May 25, 2012
Profile Viewers
Profile Viewers for Jomsocial is one of the nicest plugins out there. Long time support from the staff, easy to install and set up. There is almost no work needed on our end unless you want to customize it a bit.

My site is very customized from my own work to several components and plugins installed. Profile Viewers has never once had any problem on any of the sites I have set up, test or live.

Adds no extra overhead on the site, Easy to install, No conflicts with any other plugin or component.

Excellent support and always there to answer any questions you may have.
bysarrene, May 25, 2012
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Profile Update 2 Activity Stream
I have had the pleasure of knowing Suburbans for quite some time now and I am very happy with all the products that they offer.
Profile to Update is very easy to work with and the staff works with you if there are any problems or even if you have new ideas.

Installed very easily and caused no problems even on a site that is highly customized.
bysarrene, May 15, 2012
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iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
I have tried a few different FAQ plugins and components and this one is the best. I have been using it since it was first created and put here on the JED.

I had a few problems with a conflict with a template and they were VERY fast to answer and come up with a high quality fix. Great at answering any and all questions.

Very easy to customize the styling, and css compliant.

Thank you for a great, user friendly alternative for a FAQ system.
bysarrene, November 22, 2011
Contact Enhanced Component
I have been using this component for a while now, and it is great. Easy to use, easy to configure- everything is set up in a very logical way. The very few times I have had any problems since MooFAQs was new, the developer answered my questions and helped me out right away! I would recommend this to anyone who wants a nice fancy FAQ's section.
Can see a working example here:
More than worth the small cost.
bysarrene, August 20, 2011
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While looking for an alternative for our new site and subdomain management, Blogomunity was developing MightySites.

I have been using this since near the beginning and must say it is GREAT!

Wonderful Support, and feedback, if not the best I have experienced in the Joomla Community. Answered all questions and tickets with a very close eye to detail.

MightySites bridges multiple sites (or in my case subdomains) together under ONE joomla installation... with NO Core hacks to Joomla itself.

Supports Cross domain/subdomain user management, settings, etc. And best of all, secure.

Supports Single Login/Logout across sites.

Supports Blogomunities other products as well as other 3rd party- Such as JomSocial and a few others.

If you have multiple sites or subdomains and would like to have them with one Joomla installation AND bridged user management, this IS the product for you. More than worth the small amount of money.

Though the site is not done, you can see this working at

I have MightySites as well as the p8pbb3 bridge as well. Both work great in unison without conflicts each other or any other components, plugins or templates.
bysarrene, July 24, 2011
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p8pbb bridge light
I do not often write reviews. However, this one is an exception.

p8pBB3 Bridge is the best bridge out there. As one other said, I have tried them all. jfusion, phpbb bridge, and more. I have tried both free and paid bridges- this one is simply the best out there.

Blogomunity surpassed all expectations on both support and product. And the support and development keeps getting better.

Licensed owner for almost a year, and no major problems at all. In fact most of my support tickets have been about custom templates that I have designed and NOT a problem with the bridge itself. (or in my last case, forgot to update the version- which he did for me!)

Included in the pro version (and MORE than worth the cost) are:
1) Several modules that are integrated between joomla and phpbb3.
2) Jomsocial and CB full support and integrations.
3) 2 default phpbb3 templates customized and updated. (jProsilver and jSubsilver)
4) NO core hacks on either product at all what so ever anywhere.
5) Works with almost every phpbb3 modification minus Portals- I have not yet found one that p8pbb3 does not work with.

I recommend this product to anyone that has both Joomla and phpBB3. The small amount of cost for a year is MORE than worth the time spent trying to get others to work correctly.