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bysasiad, January 3, 2014
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Thank you!
Implemented in 2 minutes!
Very usefull and free :)
bysasiad, September 23, 2013
For a long time i have been using VM. Once, one person told me to try the RedShop.
Now, what i can say - YES, if you want to have perfect elastic solution, which you can customize to your needs, than use RedShop. I did not use VM anymore, and migrate from it to RS.
That is true - it needs time to prepare it to your needs. For luck, there is GREAT SUPPORT (paid but WORTH) - people who are ready to help you with simple and difficult problems.
I have also build a really powerfull Shop using Redshop.
With support there is no problems! and you can sell products ansd earn money :)

Additionally, there is a lot of ready plugins and modules thanks to which you can save time.

I am working on indywidual templates - thank to easy to use templates "framework".

I am VERY GLAD that i decided for RedShop.
Only thing which i would like to have it's better dokumentation (otherwise i have to take support time :) ).

Thank You RedShop Team!
bysasiad, December 17, 2012
Very simple and easy (also to customize). I needed exacly something like that. Thank You!
Owner's reply

sasiad, Your very welcomed and thanks for your kind comments and rating.