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bysaulfautley, June 2, 2011
Ignite Gallery
I've used nearly every gallery component for Joomla out there... Ignite has trumped them all. Besides being hugely customizable, without having too many setting like some components I've used before - as a developer, the flow of this component is a pleasure to work with. It just... works! I've been able to customize it to suit my site's requirements 100%, with minimal effort.

Thanks Matt, keep up the good work!
bysaulfautley, June 4, 2010
Email as Username
I was previously using v1.x of this plugin, which in my honest opinion was not as great as it claimed to be since it required file & database editing (minor as it was). Even so, it still got the job done. But now with the new v2.x, I am literally blown away by the simplicity and EFFECTIVENESS of this plugin! I'm convinced the JWeb would be a much better place with this plugin, and recommend it to Joomla users everywhere! It's a steal for the price!

Many thanks from my side - Well done.