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bysaurabh.shah, September 16, 2013
BF Survey
I have switched from one popular survey component to BFSurvey and I had issues for migrating the content from other component. I had got excellent help from Tim and everything went smooth and working ! Bf Survey is a great survey component with easy to create , with more features and and with nice interface. I recommend this component.
bysaurabh.shah, September 1, 2012
Gold Picasa Gallery
I was searching for few Gallery for showing picasa albums on the site and came across this extension which helped me to show on the site without any fail. It's very simple and nice solution with bunch of options to show Picasa albums on the site.
bysaurabh.shah, November 27, 2011
Hotspots Pro
This is one of the Excellent Maps component i have used till now. I had few issues after installing the component and after contacting developer it got resolved within few mins. Exellent support i would say.
I have found some bugs and solved it too. Posting fixes here it may help to solve others as well.
1) Links were not able to put into description and was breaking everything
Solution :
Go into phpmyadmin-> go to hotspots_marker table -> click on structure -> find the description field and change it with Text or medium text

2) Wanted to show all hotpots from all category by default. I needed hack.

3) Apply button on hotspot was not working
Solution :
go to administraotr/comopnents/com_hotspots/controllers/hotspots
line 189
switch ($this->_task) {
change it to
switch (JRequest::getCmd('task')) {