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I purchased Easyblog switching from K2.

Yes K2 is great free component, but when you try to make it work with Jomsocial and other components, you have to go in a jungle of bridge plugins that at the end cost more than what you would have expected.

Easyblog got me rid of all those problems, it comes with all kinds of bridge that are solving those problems for you at minimal cost with a full compatibility with the latest Jomsocial 3.. (just issued 2 months ago)

Moreover, I would like to say the support is absolutely incredible. Whenever you post a support request, you are never left in the wood.

So congratulation for this great products !
The Geocode Factory
I have used Geocode factory with the new mosets tree 3.0. to display a listing of projects.

I had a problem with my site and the developper went very quickly with a solution to fix. (on sunday...) Support is absolutely great, you are not left in the wood ! Also thumbs up for the DOCUMENTATION.

On the sofware itself, the amount of customization to display in the map is beyond my expectations both on the markers inside the map and the overal layout options.

Well 5 stars product !