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bysayuro, December 31, 2007
Simple Image Gallery
I've installed and start to use so easy that it amazed me!
Do everything it says, is simple, easy to use and light.

To improve the bot, who needs the gallery on multi-lingual site, you can edit the files:
/yoursitepath/mambots/content/plugin_jw_sig.php: line 70
#else {$html .= ''.$images[$a]['filename'].'';}
This line shows the image filename. I just deleted this one, because this name can be anything that a "dumb" user may not know.
One more thing here, I wrote the image counting ("Image # of ##") here on PHP, because I can't translate it on slimbox.js. I've add:
$html .= _IMAGE.' '.($a+1).' '._OF.' '.$noimage;
** The _IMAGE and _OF are set on your site languages.

On the file:
/yoursitepath/mambots/content/plugin_jw_sig/slimbox.js: line 138
#this.number.setHTML((this.images.length == 1) ? '' : 'Image '+(this.activeImage+1)+' of '+this.images.length);
I've just deleted this one too.

Then, to the site languages, by the backend menu:
Site > Language Manager > Site Languages

Add these lines on every language:
/** Simple Image Gallery **/

Thanks for this great bot!