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bysbinnie, September 11, 2009
I've been designing Joomla sites for over 3 years now, and tried over a dozen different gallery solutions in that time, including some "wrapped" external scripts.

JoomGallery is one of the easiest I've found to use for a basic gallery. I haven't had the need yet to get into all of the features, but for a simple gallery it has worked as advertised.

One missing feature is the lack of a menu-link for individual categories. The solution of creating an external link to a specific page won't work either - something about having to log on to view a public page (?).

Hopefully the developer will get around to adding the Category Link in order to make this extension more adaptable to general website needs.

Regarding the reported permissions problems, I have often found with Joomla that problems are usually not so much with the component as it was written and intended, but more often with the way someone is trying to use it - a way the developer may not have yet considered.

Let's just say that this one works out of the box for basic requirements, and that future development will hopefully take it closer to becoming 100% stable.