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bysbloom01, November 1, 2011
DT Register
I have to admit, I was a joomla n00b when I was charged with rebirthing the registration system for my organization, and maybe intermediate with PHP at that point. Even with those things against me, this plugin has been everything I've needed it to be (and there are a LOT of features that I don't use, and probably won't ever need to). Any question or concern I've ever had always has an answer and I searched for a LONG time to committing to this particular software; finding over and over again that this is the only one that does everything I was looking for!

Thanks to the DT team for your skill and patience!
bysbloom01, August 11, 2010
Joom Donation
What an absolute lifesaver this plugin was for me! I tried another plugin first, one that cost nearly double - had some configuration questions that were absolutely vital to use of the plugin - submitted a ticket a week ago, a follow up 2 days later - and STILL haven't heard - found Joom Donate and now I can sleep tonight! I have a big important campaign that HAS to happen this week after the other company made me wait this long, and thanks to the developer's expertise and TOP NOTCH support, I'm ready!

Thanks SO much again!!