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bysbrawner, March 27, 2008
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I can't believe all the whiners ragging on CiviCRM here. I installed and configured 2.0b3 on a Joomla 1.5.1 site (which is not officially supported) and only had a few minor problems, most of which were of my own doing. The software works great and is incredibly flexible and powerful. This might be what is giving some people headaches, CRM software is NOT simple and can be almost too configurable.
Initially the documentation can be a little overwhelming and is a little short on concepts, but is getting better and is CERTAINLY better than Joomla's documentation (which really sucks).
All in all this package integrates as well as it can within Joomla (due to the total lack of Joomla User ACLs and API hooks) and does what it is supposed to. The only thing I wish was different is that CiviCRM would have allowed me the option of using a separate SQL database instead of piggybacking on the Joomla DB.
bysbrawner, February 14, 2008
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Community Builder
It appears from the CB support forums and the lack of any bugfixes recently that this project is not being fixed up for J!1.5 release at all. I did install this component and the modules onto a plain vanilla 1.5.0 Joomla install but found them VERY buggy, lots of problems. After reading their rather poorly laid out forums for an hour or so and applying lots of little hacks, it would still not not work properly. I gave up. This project shows lots of promise that, frankly, really belongs in the core Joomla system.

Sorry, but this module needs more dev and lots more support.