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bysc0rp10n, May 28, 2013
I started out with the free version of Tooltips. The free version is very useful if one only requires tooltips in order to explain certain words and/or images with other words and/or images. Now I have moved to the Pro version. With the Pro version one can basically use the Tooltips as Pop-Up Menus. All one needs to do is to create the links and display them as sticky Tooltips. And voilà, there you go, you got a fully functional Pop-Up Menu, anywhere in your articles.

The more I work with the nonumber tools, the more I like them. They are all really simple to use and extremely powerful. If anyone hasn't heard of nunumber yet, they should go to the nonumber site, download and install all the free stuff and play around with it for a while. One will surely find something really useful over there.
bysc0rp10n, December 16, 2012
CDN for Joomla!
Peter van Westen really makes the best Joomla tools. His tools have helped me a lot and I have already written two reviews about his tools. This is the third one. I hope, no one minds. But, his tools have really helped me accomplish my tasks in Joomla. So, instead of calling him Peter van Westen, I will just call him Peter van Besten, because his tools are really the best.

I ran into a bandwidth problem with a site which I am hosting on a local machine. I installed CDN for Joomla, signed up with a CDN provider, entered the url provided by the CDN provider into the CDN Domain field of the CDN for Joomla plugin, and boom, my site went from snail speed to light speed within minutes.

Thank you, once again, Peter van Besten.
bysc0rp10n, November 23, 2012
DB Replacer
I needed to change the background color and border color of some 500 tables. It would have taken me a week to finish the job. Utterly boring and disgusting work. Using DB Replacer, I finished the job in 2 minutes. Now for the rest of the week, I will just do nothing, and enjoy life.

Thank you for this extremely powerful and time saving tool.
bysc0rp10n, November 18, 2012
Today I bought the Pro versions of Slider and Tabber. I could have done what I need to do with the free versions of the products. But, I want Peter to go on with his excellent work and succeed, so I bought the Pro versions.

All of Peter's products are excellent, there is no doubt about this irrevocable fact. No one will disagree with me. But, the most important thing is the beauty of his soul which is reflected in his products.

Thank you Peter, for your great work. May life bless you.