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byscandalousrumor, March 24, 2009
Finally, an application that allows me to create not only simple forms, but complete applications (especially with their connectivity component). I had a working form in ten minutes and now I'm drawing up my plans for an Event RSVP application (sorry Events List) that works the way I need it to.
byscandalousrumor, May 7, 2007
AJAX Shoutbox
Only two issues for me:

1. Whenever someone posts a message, my BlastChat module that shows online user resets and all the user names disappear. A browser refresh fixes it, but it's still annoying.

2. Anyone know how to add the date and time next to the user's name so that you can tell when each shout was posted? I have the Shout Box in my content area, so I've got enough horizontal space.