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byschimmel, December 8, 2011
Art ZoomIn
Absolutely no documentation what so ever. Useless website. No information in the zip-file. Extremely rudimentary mention of usage when hovering the extension in the extension manager inside Joomla, I just found that randomly.

You have to search their forums in hopes of someone else asking about basic syntax, then go through a few threads and collect the info yourself.

The support seems speedy and knowledgeable, but I just can't understand why Artetics seem to consistently use tons of man hours to try and plug the thousands of holes that would never have occurred if they would just offer BASIC DOCUMENTATION. Just add a link inside the module, or include something when buying the plugin – anything!

Also, the module is really quickly scratched together, you have to type manual URLs to each image, no possibility to select images via a browser, the syntax is pretty unclear, what separates each image from the next, is it a line break, a space, or what?

Bottom line:
The product does its job well when you've spent an hour or so googling, searching their forums, and trial-and-erroring yourself into making it work the way you want.

Good support it seems. Decent price.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comment.

readme.txt file with full instructions is added to module and plugin packages.

In module, when you hover on a field label, there is a tooltip that describes what to insert into this field.