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byschmittii333, June 9, 2011
RSform Pro
The German translation is horrible and many language elements are missing.
There are some placeholders in big letters and I don’t know where they are coming from.
For me it is not a problem but I can not use it for my customers.
It makes it useless for my needs.
Owner's reply

The extension published on JED has English as the only language. The other language files are created by volunteers. There may be some missing sentences, but I really doubt that this is a good argument for a 1 star review.

Remember what the JED review rules say?

"A review is not a location for requests for support, feature requests or bug reports. Support questions, feature requests, and bug reports should be taken to the Joomla! Forum or the developer of the extension."

You should have submitted a bug report and we would have fixed the language file immediately.