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byschuler, November 14, 2013
JXi Forms
I wonder if there is a reasonable form soulution other than those all-time commercial tools.
After beeing frustrated with a commercial tool I tried some free extensions.
One of my requirements was no backlink.
I found this but surprise surprise where is the editor?

No editor at all!

You need to hack the HTML source code for creating the form.


It is 2013 and we all don't use command prompts anymore.
An editor for creating forms is at least the min. requirement I have for such a tool.

If you are not a HTML and CSS geek go with something else.
Owner's reply

Hello Dear,

We are very grateful that you took your precious time to post a review for us. It is very important for us as the reviews basically form the face for our products.

Well, replying to your review we wish to state that JXi-Forms is not a form generator/ creator tool. It was never our intention.

JXi Form simply helps in processing the datas that are posted at an existing form on a website. We feel that JXi form doesn't need an editor because it is not for designing a form.

JXi Form simply fetches the data posted on the web form and process it as per the users will.

Please do let us know if you still feel any conflict with our vision for the product. We will be really happy to listen from you and incorporate the requirements in the product.

Thank You

Team Ready Bytes.

byschuler, September 26, 2013
Content Templater
Content templater is a very useful extension.
It saves you a lot of time when creating content.
I use it as layouting tool and am very happy with it.
byschuler, September 20, 2013
Form Maker
I wonder why I did that and bought this.
The demo looked good whereas I thought from the beginning that the view (themes) is not that pretty.
My decision was to adapt the view to my needs.


Adapting the view is real pain.
The table structure makes it almost impossible for responsive design.
Adapting CSS is very awkward because not commented.
And so on...

If you don't want spending lots of time in view adaption I suggest another form component.
byschuler, September 17, 2013
A great module for advanced menu displaying.
Very easy to use.
Highly recommended.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much! I wouldn't have expected a positive review so fast:-)

byschuler, September 16, 2013
Akeeba Backup
This is the most powerfull extension ever.
There is no easier way for Joomla backup.
I would rate 10 stars if possible.
byschuler, September 16, 2013
DOCman does what it has to do.
It works stable why I decided for DOCman.
But there are free download extensions with a lot more features and ease of use.