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Unite Responsive Tile Gallery
This responsive tile gallery component rocks. It is super simple, auto creates thumbnails and looks great on the frontend with the masonry style.

I contacted developer to add deep-linking hashtags per image category and he had it done within days. Unbelievable.

Recommend using on all the sites when you need a great gallery without a huge amount of extra features like with Ignite Gallery or such.
KC Admin QuickIcons
Thanks for the developer on this one! I use this for my client sites to provide them simple shortcuts without requiring too much Joomla knowledge and can use layman terms to their industry. In the past, I utilized RT's Mission Control Admin Template (ended with J2.5), but this is even better as it lets me just use the quick links modules and the J3 native admin template, thanks again!
ARI Smart Book
I have used Ari products in the past and this new component is excellent. While our team was happy with the Ari Flip Book component, this new component allows our company to show our catalogs on one single page without having to creating the layout as the component allows you to have categories of books that can be displayed with their thumbnails on one page.

The greatest feature for us though is that the extension allows for granular zooming in and out of the high-res books and has a full screen mode. No other Joomla component without using flash does any of this.

Easy to use and only just released, but an excellent extension that the Joomla community needed as this functionality existed in some other CMS, but nothing for Joomla like this.

Great support with Ari when I had presale questions. I then asked about the PDF source request that is now already been added in the latest version of the component, very fast!
I have used a few location extensions in the past and they worked well, but what is great about JSP Location is how flexible it is. You can use dropdown filters, locate me, or zip code search radius to find locations. Most of the other extensions only had one of these options. Also the extension has great customization and even lets you set custom fields for locations if you need. Most importantly though, I needed a little custom JS and functionality done and they gave me the code and knowledge needed via the support forum within 24 hours of the first post! Great support, great extension.
byschwartzen, January 31, 2013
JTAG Video
A solid YouTube video component. It works fine with Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 2.5. It lets you import videos via YouTube URL and then you can assign them to your own categories. I love this as the category filter is really nice and dynamic. It does popup with this error on the category admin page 'Model class jtagvideoModelCategories not found in file', but everything works fine. I think this is the best option if you want to use YouTube and have categories. Nice work!
byschwartzen, September 17, 2012
Slideshow CK
I have utilized paid slideshow modules for a while now, but still need easy drop in modules. This did the trick plus it has a ton of styling built in with options to turn everything on or off.

It is very visual and among the easiest Joomla modules to setup I have ever used. Thanks!
byschwartzen, July 3, 2012
jQuery Easy
This is one of my most essential plugins especially with the constant mix of jquery and mootools being used on Joomla sites today. It works like a champ and almost always fixes any conflicts I have. Plus it helps with my page speed by preventing every extension from loading its own copy of jquery. Much love!
Owner's reply

Thank you, I appreciate the review. Great to see that this plugin can be of help to you!

Powerful Email Editor
This extension is definitely one of the most useful extensions out there and should be used with nearly every website.

The extension lets you modify the wording for all the Joomla e-mails and will even let you add custom profile fields that you have added yourself.

Support for this extension was on point as well!
byschwartzen, March 29, 2012
ARI Flip Book
This is the best flip book extension for Joomla. Period. I have used another one that worked, but didn't have all the backend options. Additionally, this extension is great without needing flash.

Support rocks too!
byschwartzen, March 26, 2012
Core Design Accordion
This extension does exactly what it says and beats out the others. Additionally, the templates that are included are a nice bonus.

I have used it on three sites already and works great. Also I checked it out and has no issues with search engine crawling.

Great job CD!
byschwartzen, September 18, 2011
I have used several cache plugins, but Jotcache by far provides the most advanced caching. It is a great, powerful plugin that is very necessary for larger Joomla powered websites!