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bysclarke, October 9, 2012
AJAX Scroller
Nice little module for testimonials. Simple to install and configure with lots of useful options. The ability to set the display height in the back-end rather than in the css file would be a handy enhancement Overall, a great extension at a reasonable price.
bysclarke, August 30, 2012
This is an elegant component with most of the functions you will need in an Event ticketing system.

We had a few challenges with the PayPal integration (mostly our fault) but we received excellent support from Robert, despite the 8-hour time difference. He was most cooperative and tenacious in solving our problems and even tweaked the code for us.

We have tried to make other ticket systems work before without much success. This one works! Well done.
bysclarke, November 18, 2011
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ARTIO VM e-Tickets
We too paid for the commercial version and expected something much better from Artio.

This Virtumart plugin is poorly thought out and quite inflexible in critical areas such as seating chart creation and ticket printing.

Critical fields are labelled and default values expressed in a Balkan language (Bosnian? Croatian?) It is all quite murky.

After several fruitless attempts over many days to elicit some support from Artio I gave up.

This plugin needs significant reworking before it is ready for prime time. It was a complete waste of $140.

I eventually settled on Fusion Ticket ( which is a second generation fork of OSTicket. Not perfect, needs a bit of hacking but it's worth somebody spending the time to Joomlify it.
Owner's reply

we partially acknowledge some of your comments and are already working on a new release, that will be VM independent and thus much easier to both administer and implement.