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byscoot, June 9, 2011
This is a powerful extension that does what it claims to do.
Installation works straightforwardly and support is responsive. One glitch that came up in respect of an individual symbol was quickly fixed.
byscoot, March 15, 2008
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No manual, threadbare English-language support forum, and lots of roadblocks, puzzles and bugs (e.g. wrong days showing, mysterious frontend editing behaviour, Mootools incompatibility, forced Champions League etc, positions in tables by default).
Probably all fixable on investigation, but life is short. Sorry to say, it makes the argument rather well for commercial licensing.
This looks like it could be a wonderful extension. It's 90% there, but the last 10% is critical. Uninstall scheduled.
byscoot, December 1, 2007
Page Peel Banner
Looks brilliant, but the assumption that installation is trivial and intuitive lets it down.
As has been mentioned elsewhere, a few minutes spent outlining how to use it wouldn't have hurt.
It seems reasonably straightforward if one is using the core banner manager. What if that's not the case? Even if it is, how does it work with other banner ads?
byscoot, December 6, 2006
This is a superb piece of work. Installs easily and works first time with files that are local to the site. (Make sure that you view the published story, and not a preview!)
But... I'm sorry to be one of the few with criticism here. I found that it didn't work on almost all of the remote audio file I tried, using the {mp3remote} tag, and in this case including the file extension.
I checked the files and the servers using Odeo, and they are functioning ok, with no hotlinking measures. There doesn't seem to be any documentation to cover this.
Owner's reply

We had missed the .mp3 extension inside the code, that is why you couldn't remotely add mp3 files, following instructions in our documentation. But this has been fixed in v2.4! Enjoy!