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byscorpian, March 6, 2012
Union-D Code HighLight
Tried two other highlight plugin, however, they don't work with WYSIWYG editor, but this one is different, work really well.
byscorpian, February 23, 2012
Phoca GAE
Nice and simple to use, there's some language strings not translated at advanced options of backend, I am using J2.5.1
byscorpian, February 22, 2012
not sure if this is the plugin problem of I don't have the setting correct!

I put the ads to "Before content ads" and set the front page or blog view ads count to 1, however, the ads show on every article, with one leading article and four into articles, the ad of leading article display well, however, the ads of into articles just overlapped. I am not sure if this is supposed to be, but this is just overkill to display ad on every article of blog view.

Properly adsense stop after the first 3 ads, so the rest shows as empty space, this make the rest article with a large space between the title and the content.
byscorpian, February 21, 2012
Simple, download, install, enable and you are done.
byscorpian, February 21, 2012
Read Less - Text
This plugin is really nice, although the config confused me at first, for any new comers, remember to set the suffix for registered and suffix for guests then it should work fine, I think something like this should be in the core of joomla.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

v3.3 now sets a default suffix in a fresh installation. Hopefully this will reduce the initial confusion somewhat.