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byscorpio66, September 24, 2013
I dont review often, laziness I suppose, but the developer has been very supportive and helpful, so I decided to review this extension.
If you are looking for a directory extension that is easy to use and install, I would suggest checking out JBusinessDirectory.
I confess to being a little wary because of the price. This is not a cheap extension. However, you get what you pay for as they say.
Installation is really easy, just upload as you would any other extension, and your pretty much ready to go. There are some sample businesses preloaded, so you can check out how everything works.
General Settings in the back end covers currency choice, date format, whether to enable packages, Offers and SEO. You can also choose whether to enable ratings, reviews, numbering, google maps, filters etc.
Currently the only payment processor is Paypal, but Im sure George will add more in the future.
Some business categories are preloaded, but easy to change up to 3 levels deep.
Company entry is easy, as is the alteration of email templates.
One feature I think is great is the ability to enter companies yourself, and the company owners can claim thier business on registration.
An ingenius way to fill up your database before you even start, so your site doesnt look empty!
You can setup packages to include or omit certain features such as maps, reviews, ratings, website address links, business logo, video upload, images, contact forms, html descriptions etc.
So you can easily setup a basic FREE package for business owners to claim with options to upgrade thier listing!
Just email all your contacts after you have loaded thier basic info, and you are off!

The layout is clean, easy to read, and navigate.

I had some minor issues which George corrected for me promptly with no fuss.
Some of these my be down to the fact I am using a custom template, but it was no hassle.

This is easily the most complete directory I have come across, and after the initial pain of the price was glad I bought it.
Support is good, and it just works!
I would recommend this to anyone.
Thanks George for a great extension.

Owner's reply

Hi Chris,

Thank you for you review. We really appreciate it.

In our continuous efforts to improve the extension we have just released another version that comes with 4 new payment processors and improved user experience. Due to new configuration possibilities it becomes easier to install & setup. We also have included several views for search results, company details and categories to satisfy user requirements.

byscorpio66, November 12, 2009
OSE Membership™
Im just delighted I found this extension.
I previously used AEC which too is a great extension, but can be quite complicated in its configuration. So after trying AEC which was free, I was a little dubious paying for a subscription extension. I must say reading the reviews was inspiring so I thought I would give it a go.
Initially I had teething problems as the component was disagreeing with my SEF. Helix told me this, so I made some alterations. I had one last problem and could not find the fault.
Not a problem for Helix. He simply went to my site backend and sorted the problem.
Now all is perfect. So many options of control its unreal. At last I really FEEL I am in control of my site.
As others have said before, this guy deserves all his success as his support and speed is awesome.
I wouldnt hesitate to purchase from him again.
If only ALL extensions and support were like this.
Thanks Helix.
byscorpio66, September 16, 2009
Google Maps by Reumer
I installed this plugin sometime ago, and forgot to review it. (Sorry Mike) At the time I had numerous problems, all down to my lack of knowledge and stupidity. Mike always answered support questions superfast, and even took the time to go into the backend of my site to get things as I wanted. I recently upgraded to Joomla 1.5.14 and wondered why my maps wasnt working. Within an hour Mike had emailed me back and pointed out where I had gone wrong. (A simple case of not following instructions!) This is a superb plugin, and the support is second to none. If you are like me, we use these free extensions, and dont always donate to the programmers.
This guy deserves all the success he gets. And I just donated again. If you need a google map plugin THIS IS THE KIDDIE !!
Thanks Mike. A Real Extension star.
byscorpio66, August 25, 2009
CB Public Mail
Ive been pretty happy with CB since I installed it, but it did cause me one major problem.
Visitors could only email members through the normal User Profile email link.
As a subscription site, this was fairly useless as I could not tell how many of my members were being contacted by visitors, meaning I had no record of successful 'hits'.
This excellent plugin changed all that. Now vistors contact my members through my site, (Public Email sends to mail to the member)and I can just go to Myphpadmin and view all mails sent, who by, etc etc.
Plugin worked straight from the get go, no nonsense, does what it says.
Thanks developers.
This plugin is worth a small fee, but NO its free.
Top notch, and should be incorporated into CB.
byscorpio66, May 9, 2009
Pro Sticky Message
I purchased this extension as part of a pack from Projoom. I am using the Joomlashack Lightfast template, and was having problems in Internet Explorer. The extension worked great in Firefox, but in IE,as it was not displaying correctly no matter what settings I used. I contacted Projoom and Raz told me it was a template issue as I was not using the Joomla preloaded ones. I realised that I was stuffed because my template has many different CSS settings. So I thought I could not use sticky message as many of my users insist on using IE. To my amazement, Raz asked me to send my template details, and proceeded to change and correct the CSS file, index.php, and templateDetails.xml files so it all worked great in IE too. I know they probably cannot do this for all users who use different templates, but to me this was help beyond the call of duty and was not a Projoom error. What can I say? They have a regular customer in me from here on in. Support like this is worth its weight in gold when paying for extensions. 5 stars but would have given ten.
Superb product. Outstanding support.
byscorpio66, April 3, 2009
You cant beat straight out of the box plugins that work!
5 second installation, pasted in my google code, Selected some articles I didnt want ads on, enable, done !
Does EXACTLY what it says. Great plugin and free.

Thank you. Great job.
byscorpio66, March 14, 2009
RSform Pro
Forms can be very time consuming to set up, and extensions are always a concern. Easy to set up? Support? Do they work? Etc Etc.

With Rs, its easy installation, no faffing about, a couple of clicks and your first form field is done, 10 minutes later your form is done.
When youve done a couple, you can set up quite complex forms in a matter of minutes.

This is a superb extension. Forms are a breeze, many options available, support is great. I could go on. If you need forms on your site. Look no further. Simply superb.
byscorpio66, February 19, 2009
Community Builder
I was extremely worried about installing this plugin. Reading the documentation, there seemd so much going on, would it muck things up for me?
Quite simply, NO!!
Installation was a breeze, just followed the installation read me. A few easy steps. (And Im a Joomla novice!) Fired up and ready to go. Lots of options and settings to adjust your community as you see fit. Im using Joomla 1.5, and it couldnt be easier. Got the download from the joomopolis site registering as a free, (not paid) user.
But after seeing this module/component, I will be subscribing. This is one addon, I want to keep on top of.
HIGHLY recommended!
Best extension Ive seen so far.
Keep it up guys, and thank you!!