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byscorptech, December 2, 2013
I had major problems trying to get a slideshow working on the top of my site and banner show working on the bottom. I tried a number of the top banner modules but they didn't work.

I came across this and it worked first time!

Well done to the developers of this module!
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot !!!

byscorptech, November 29, 2013
LV Enhanced Image Silder
I have tried a number of the highly rated slideshows on the extensions list but most of them, for some reason, did not work.

This extension worked straight out of the gate. Easy to install, worked first time. I rarely leave feedback (my fault, time limited etc) but I had to leave it for this extension due to the fact that it was the only one that worked!

We'll done to the developers!

Nice to have:

It would be great to see this allow for individual links for each image and tracking also.

Well done!
I’m very disappointed in this product (I wish I had a chance to try it!). I know it’s free (thank god) but it’s a prime example of getting the programmers to double up as the people who write the instructions and setup the download site.

What are you supposed to download? At least give us a clue guys? You have to go here and then there and than back to here and then your presented to a list of files which mean nothing using you work for M15!

To say that I am frustrated with trying to get the necessary files (I didn’t even get to the installation stage).

So unless you like a challenge, I would suggest going for another Event extension that actually has all the files in the same place, or at least, tells you which files to download without have alpha/beta/1.01RC etc.