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byscottadam, August 21, 2014
Layer Slider
I have been on joomla for 4+ years and I have seen some good extensions, this is one of the best ones I have ever seen. The user interface sets a new standard for PAID joomla components. well worth the low price. :)

I expected a heap of code and a steep learning curve when I seen the demo, I was very wrong......

This should not be called a slider, it should be called a "CSS Animator" (that's what it does).
byscottadam, September 25, 2012
lots of options, css styles etc install this for sure,tags look great and YOU NEED THEM.....

This is one extension you will NEVER uninstall and should be an option on every joomla site........
"Joomla 2.5.TORTAG" :)
Owner's reply

Thank you! We'll try to ensure there was no reasons for remove our component :) Happy Tagging!

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works on Joomla,K2 articles 1 min install,
any mod that improves your chance of being seen in search results is an asset to your site, This is a FREE mod that most developers would charge a tidy sum for.

Do not underestimate the importance of rich snippets, let your competitors do that :) THANKS FOR THE MOD