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byscubabyss, July 25, 2014
Carousel Banner
I was trying to add ccd classes to the banner module such as the standard it displays banners horizontally. None of the tips given by many worked. I discovered Carousel banner. Nothing to do it works like a charm. Great job, many thanks!
byscubabyss, May 25, 2014
As far as installation and usage is concerned I can say the plugging is fantastic. It looks simple and I wonder if it is efficient or not? Never mind, re-captcha is too confusing, I had to reload several times until I find a combinaison I can read. Not to speak complaint of elders!
This one is straight forward and worth to be tried.
I look at several other Captchas. I liked also another one, but prefers jproi one.
byscubabyss, May 24, 2014
PlayThru Captcha
I was tired of the Google type Captcha, reloading several times until I found something I can read.
Nightmare for some of my older users.
This Captcha same my life!
Event Booking
I was looking for an online booking system with mapping of user profile on CB. That's it.
I wanted frontend management for my site managers, that's it also.
Download of registrants as a file anticipates the fact that not only english speaking people are using the product : Apart the language files that all developers anticipate, you can select your csv separator to match your own language.
Moreover you can decide to attribute a Joomla Group on booking such as the registrant can access private document reserved to booked people on that event. That's it again.
I had a conflict with may be other extension or my hosting company. Support was perfect, very responsive and solution found and applied.
These guys are good.
byscubabyss, December 2, 2013
Mini FrontPage
I was looking for a module to display main news without using the feature facility that are just for articles.
MiniFrontpage does exactly what it promises. Many Thanks to the developers
byscubabyss, October 29, 2013
BT Login
I was looking for a login module to publish in an header position. The possibilities offered by this module are fantastic. It works with the major loving modules, joomla, K2, CB...
Il allows to call for user menu in a drop down box after login.
It supports recaptcha.
Moreover it is free. A gift for a non-profit org like mine.
byscubabyss, May 9, 2013
The product is working fine on Joomla 2.5.11.
Tested on Joomla 3.1, selection of ingredient is regressing and tag system from Joomla 3 is not integrated. You have separated keywords to be re-entered for each recipe instead of ticking existing tags from the base.
This is nevertheless good enough to expect better integration with Joomla 3 is future.
I use this extension for family share of recipes despite of the high pricing.
I recommend purchasing minimum package for that purpose.
byscubabyss, August 29, 2011
This componant not only works perfectly, it is well documented, including tutorial. Many thanks. I hope it will remain non-commercial when non-RC releases will be issued. Being a non-profit organisation, I suggest the developper to make the add-remover commercial in order to keep this fantastic produit non-commercial for non-profit organisation.
byscubabyss, August 8, 2011
Excellent component. However it changed very recently from non-commercial to 100% commercial.
I recommend to check long track records of non-comercial activity before trapping yourself with a component. You will never be sure, but long experience may help in make a choose. If you are prepared to pay, I recommend it.
byscubabyss, April 23, 2011
Phoca Gallery
I was looking for a good non-commercial gallery for a non-profit organisation. Phoca Gallery is really fantastic, easy to use and provided with a comprehensive documentation.
It is well featured including plugin to include photos, diaporama in contents without any coding required.
I like the possibility to control access, even if a bit complicated with Joomla 1.5.
Inclusion of Picasa album and youtube videois nice and appreciated feature.
Many thanks for this great extension.