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bysd12013, August 17, 2012
SEF Translate
I give this com+mod a 5 because it works great! That's the good. The bad is that Bing and GTranslate are pretty horrible. Using the software, I had Bing translate the site to Japanese and asked a Japanese woman I work with to see how accurate it was. After she stopped laughing, she suggested we not use it or it would be really embarrassing for the company. Google was translated a little differently but equally bad. Oh well. What can you do?
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In Pro and commercial versions sef Translate - you may save translated pages and add manual correction for them

OrdaSoft team

bysd12013, July 26, 2011
OMG! Finally someone put together a 1.6 compatible rotating image gallery that has a simple "classy" transition instead of goofy, obnoxious flying squares or a set of images that frenetically rewinds the image set when it gets to the end. If you have more than 5 images that just looks awful!!! You can stop here. Trust me, I tested so many others.
bysd12013, March 24, 2010
My RSS Reader
This component is awesome! It's highly stylable through the css to perfectly match your page unlike many of the others available with their own over the top styling that can't be edited. Not sure the first reviewer knew he had these options - he's right in that there isn't much styling options in the backend interface but if you're familiar with editing a css file, you're going to love this com.
bysd12013, March 19, 2010
I can only review this submission to the extensions and not the software itself. I'd love to see this in action before purchasing to ensure it's right for me but I can't find a demo anywhere. Screenshots seem to only be of the administration and nothing from the frontend. I give the submission a 3 since most others seem to think it's pretty good, but also only a 3 because the extensions page says there is a module but I don't see it anywhere at the developer's site (I only see VM Mass Cart and News Tab) and no product demo. Maybe this component is amazing. I don't know. But I can't buy it without seeing it first.
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You could have registered and downloaded the 1.x series for free and testet both redEVENT and redFORM on your own site.

The demo URL is written tons of times on the forums - but else the url for our general frontend demo is

Beyond that there is user showcases on the forum (rather new - but its there).

But we are actually in the process of doing individual demo sites in general for all of our extensions on redCOMPONENT - a good example of that is where we do a frontend demo just for redLIST.

So perhaps a shame you didnt spent a minute or 2 on the forums or the search feature you would have found it :)