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bysdhinternet, October 30, 2010
Savira Photo Gallery
Does not work, even when you have to go in and manually change the picture names to 1, 2, 3, etc. No images are shown and it does not centre.
Owner's reply

User able select specific image from directory by specify specific image name & Write Unique Description for it. in xml file. current SPG module coming center aligning CENTER by default as want.

bysdhinternet, June 26, 2009
And when it worked it was excellent, unfortunately, it took me weeks to get it working, and the support that I received was very very poor (granted part of this may have been down to my rudeness) but I waited and then mailed mike direct with the issues and got no response that helped!! I then asked for a refund and was flatly refused, but he did offer to charge me for a custom install - saying it was down to errors on my site - however I did pay someone else to sort it out which they did in a couple of minues - I then paid for the pro-upgrade - As I know nothing about coding I was left having to pay more cash to get something to work that should have when I installed it. Once I got it working - Mike site was down (about a week ago or so) and no one could access the component, no view or uploads. I ended up having to reinstall (no fault of mikes or simm gallery) and again could not get it to work, So have now removed completely (would not even bother to ask for a refund) if you are into coding and know what your doing then buy this it will suit you. if not STAY WELL AWAY - as the support (even before my rudeness) was very very poor - have rated a component in its working form as excellent - support - very very very poor